Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Ippers on Sidewizzle

Ipswich getting repped long, hard and strong...A little bit of footage from the lengthy fingers of Gorm with a variety of Ipswich heads skooting around.
Don't watch if you're allergic to shred.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Something to quit skateboarding for

This sh!t went on down the Banks a little while back. It's still gay...just gnarlier.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Cheer up Goth

Don't worry, there are weirder people than you in this world...

Ipswich Ben goes to lincoln and drinks guinnes with nibs and Kev

I awoke to a steak i had been nurturing in a bowl of guinness. it was probably the best breakfast i have ever had!

Driving to lincoln was rad mad, except my exaust snapped in half and i had to bust ATS for 2 hours an pay £60 for a new centrepiece!

I was welcomed to Lincoln by ultimate high school heart throb hunk nibs, and his big magical masterpiece of a man from south africa called kevin

Thay were busting mega stoner sweat pants

Mark did not like being awoken mid afternoon and wasnt stoked on going out

I was!

Nibs's flat is so rank its unbelievable,what a legend!

Nibs is currently winning at the uni wank tally, hes so honest!

We then made an ultimate plan to bust old school non student vinatge lincoln in search of guinness and crazy wack ales...........

...............its like harry potter except with better actors and less shit. Harry potter is a cunt, what a liability! they should of killed him ages ago...

O ye i blogged every pub we got a guinness or two in....

....and all the ones with fuckin hilarious names!

o yeh an we wet to some weird immagrant XX mexican sexually transmitted bar

I got well touristy and wanted to see the sweet castle

But i found some gollywogs in a gifty shoppe!

We had to climb this steep hill, inginiously named "steep hill" its totally badass. never ride a skateboard down it. Steven Hawkins did and look what happened to him!

Mahahahaah this one is bad,y didnt i bring any sweatpants?

We also went to the cathederal an framed ourselves in the queer pillars, i got fingered by a hunchback with a dead foetus for an eye

the cathederal looks so sick!

We wen in the turks head, but polished our pints quick as cos there were some weirdo slags and chavswho lookd like they were gonna capture us and try and put us i ellese shellsuits

The old wig was rad, we were getting evils cos we were the only ones not in suits and brown loafers. so we confused loadsa posh people askin them what the exorcist theme tune was. noone knew.

Token ghsotly tunnel foto

Kevin is such a legend in his old man hat,

We then got some "Blood of south africa" amarula. kevin shares a patriotic passion for this stuff, and i am very impressed. if it werre legally possible id marry amarula.

I dont have a fucking clue who this is!

Nibs is an oragami king!

Cos we r so ultimatly cool we defaced the waitresses calculator as payback for asking nibs for ID

It was worth it!

Kevin showed us a pic of him in kerrang! Hero!

Jamie came to the pub so we introduced him to guinness

for some reason theres pics of mark spoking and us setting stuff on fire here. this happened way beforehand but i suck at blogging.

We got scared that the worlds recources of guinness would run out so we stocked up.....just in case.

Kevin got well jolly and showed us his beer belly. impressive!

they had stat wars on HD,this is darth vader without the helmet in real person!

i made my old man hat look like an imperial star cruiser pilot

they had hobgoblin on tap!!!!!

everyone chilled and watched shoot em up
nibs got his nibbler out and pissed on the carper....what a gnarler!

after stealing a pint glass i hid in my car for a bit whilst the scary bearded manager poked his head over the wall looking 4 me and kev

Totally worth it!
I noticed that nibs's door is turbo amazing!

more chilling
errrr the other fotos have dissapeared sorry!