Thursday, 22 May 2008

Bossman, Basi and Ben visit the dutty East

This happened about 2 weeks ago but I've been slow on the updates recently, the heroin addiction is getting a little out of control. For a way better, less half-arsed account of what sh!t went down, bleed your eyeholes over Bossman's photo-ing with an SLR is cock so I gave up halfway through the day.

Bossman bought the soul stealer along to film an Ip-sh!t section for Dead Nuns...I request the music for it to be either Blondie or the Stone Roses please Phil, I'll get you a dip-dab or somethin'...I think Matt wanted some bullsh!t like Ray J or some bollocks like that...can't remember right now...pretty sure I've got that wrong but it was twat either way.

Ben nicked some drink thing from his Dad's church...I think it was Holy lemonade...I think he's havin' some kind of revelation here or something and probably told Basi some deep, heavy sh!t like all McDonald's buns have 98 sesame seeds on.

Matt decided he wasn't going to stack anything and didn't...making us all look sh!t with the bare footy he racked up.

Watchin' Matt's 8th trick in as many minutes.

Gorm was up for the shred.

Sean was lurkin', bein' way more hood than you could ever hope to be.

After taking at least an hour to actually leave the park we went for sesh in the raw streets of South Central Ipswich. I'm pretty sure other sh!t happened between going to this spot but I didn't shoot any of it. Bossman did though, that's why he's Bossman.

Dave put some nose-blizzle slizzle efforts in but the block needed some waxy greasing and Matt left the wax at the park. Never mind, bladers could use it to wax the floor and skid about on it in their sag-a-bag trackies.

Everyone else got distracted by the big box-o-toys. Basi slam dunks God's bouncyball.

Ben tore it up on a midget's bike.

Chandos just tore himself up instead.

Ben skips like a fact, don't think there is a non-gay way to skip.

Illin'...a few 5 yr olds probably got into smoking thanks to the ciggy butts me and Basi put out on the playground.

Gorm ate sh!t doing this. Go back and av' it Normo!!!

Dave takes the piss. Back lip I hear?