Sunday, 27 April 2008

Sunday Boredom

Can't even remember what this site was called but it wasted a couple of hours of my life for me. 

Ben as a Sikh Warrior
Matt as Mother Teresa
Mills as that Nirvana naked money baby
Thought Robo might like this one, Jim Morrison

Monday, 21 April 2008

firstly ladies and gentlemen . apologies for the 'wonk' of these pictures. regardless, this is a lovely little blog about my weekend. i skated the skatepark for a bit with the usual cunts, then rocked on down the the swanky new staunch shop, complete with comedy table made of used decks... i bumped into gorm and chandos there, and we headed down to dock drop were gorm tried a sweeeeet tre flip. unfortunatly he rolled away with bruised tootsies...after a suggestion from gorm we then went down some crazy thin roads and arrived at this majestic beast of a plant pot. CHANDOS the crazy dog got a boardslide rock and roll in...
whereas i elbow dropped and headbutted the flow attempting a drop in. dogshit.
a cheeky little view of what you people are missing out on...
next we skated sum fucking whack 'manual' pad at a petrol station, but we decided it was hurting our will to live , so we went down to the hospital bank so gorm could ollie through a cotton real.Chandos got a wicked hippy hop as well! that new rave scoundrel!

then after that session we went to the most insane bank ever!!! but i will publish that later!... then just when we were about to go back to the park and rant about our escapades we decided to have a look round a local industrial estate were we found this most amazing piece of metal work...

however, after this hand down skidder dooby fakie thingy by chandos we decided it was too wobbly for a session and proped it up with some mother licking crates!

apparantly gorm is fucking well good at that shit! so the session went on, even when the fucker was moving a bit and the ground was ruffer than bakers chest wig and covered in weird razor blades that looked like horns. heres a different view of chandos 'special' trick
and my tuck knee fakie pumpy wumpy thing...
you should have seen robo's face when we showed him that pic... priceless.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Just randoms from a day in the city

No idea why some of them are on the wonk...just tilt your head.

This shop got graffed to the max.

Gotta drop by Supreme

Dangerous political sticker placement.

More people gettin' all political and that.

Soho and LES are full of massive billboards...the Adult Swim ones are always quality.

Gettin' the art on.

Monday, 14 April 2008

Duct-tape? Duck-tape? Dub-tape?

Whatever the crap you call it, this stuff is the business. Turned a snapped deck into a whole new board, albeit a mini one. F**kin' rad though.

Sunday, 6 April 2008


This sh!t's all over Youtube...I really don't know what else to say....

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Schiafone sh!ts all over Keansburg.

Turned up to an empty Keansburg redneck kids in mesh hats and dirty wife-beaters pissin' around the park on mini-scooters.

Due to rampant OCD/SARS/AIDS or something, I find it necessary to scribble or paint on my griptape...or maybe I just like the smell of tipp-ex.

Sha-Fone bopped up in the caddy...

...and promptly destroyed the bench. Swizz krizzla.

The Transworld favourite, SS/BS/TS.

Nollington crook.

Switch flip back tail over.