Saturday, 21 June 2008

Got lazy, so this is the summary of a week.

Was at Bondi last weekend. Weather was utter sh!te so instead of skating, we just wandered around until it got passed 12 and we could hit the bar without feeling like shameless alcoholics.

Top floor ultimate 'babe lair' bachelor pad.

There's some methed-up madman who lives literally on the cliffs. Maybe he isn't methed-up and he's actually hippie-scum trying to get as close to Mother Nature's bountiful bosom as he can. Or he's just taking extreme action to avoid taxes.

You're fucked if you sleep walk.

He even had a toy cow type thing with a leash on and tied to a post. If this was all in Southend, some scally chavs would have already burnt down his tent, pissed on his cow and pushed him into the sea by now.

Some of the other bins said "Oi you slag, don't drop it" and "Litter kills stuff you fuck."

Out of the 3 beaches we could see, only one person was surfing. What a dick. No doubt pissing in his wetsuit to keep warm. I can think of better ways to spend my saturdays...

There was some saltwater swimming pool type thing. This woman got utterly owned by some waves after being in the pool for 2 minutes. It then properly pissed it down so left my camera in the car.

This might have been on Tuesday, not sure, don't remember. But had to shoot the Sydney Roosters training. One of the photos from this session ended up getting printed. Stoked.

Later on, went to some house on the hills in the harbour at Manly. All multi-million places. And this bloke is the former COO (whatever that actually means) of Sony BMI. He is also twat.

Wednesday, went to the press-opening of the Sydney Apple Store, first one in Australia.

There were people queuing up outside 18 hours before the public opening. No idea why, it's the same old sh!t.

The stairs were rad though.

Some new thing called the Genius Bar. Basically just a big line of geeks.


Got a bag with $25 iTunes gift voucher and special edition tee. It's the same one they give the first 2500 people that come in the store. Except I'm not a mug that waited outside for 18 hours.

Later went with Prykey to the library to shoot portraits of some writer who won some sort of book prize. You can tell how much attention I paid/how interested I was.

This guy was also a pretentious cock. After Prykey gave him directions for the shoot he said "No, actually I prefer to look at the camera, I photograph better" and about the doorway shot "I remind myself of a modern day John Lennon." Wanker. The doorway looks like a cock for a reason.

Had to go to this auction house place where a Picasso was up for sale that night.

By the time we got there, it had already been hung up but Prykey made them take it down and walk around with it for the purpose of a photo. Legend.

It sold that night for around AUS $5.7million.

Australian national rugby team training.

At supreme court later for the hearing of a long running euthanasia case.

Me getting stuck in press madness.

Next day, off to a conference room in Darling Harbour.

The launch party for the Aussie edition of BBC GoodFood magazine.

It was pretty packed. Mostly rich socialites with sticks up their arses.

There was bare loads of free food...

...and free wine.

The human raisin, Gordon Ramsey was their.

Some PR people gave him a swear jar...which he dropped.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Bens first tattoo

Just wanted to know what it felt like!

Saturday, 14 June 2008

The Australian: Day 4

Outside Sydney supreme court waiting for some news presenter woman. Didn't really understand what the whole lot was about, all I caught was she got preggers and fired from the network. Ex-fookin'-citing, no? No.

Me and Amos sat around for an hour an a half waitin' for this slaaaaag, but she never turned up.

About 3 hours later, went to a press conference thing where this bloke was gettin' utterly ruined by journos. He's the head of New South Wales or something. I didn't really follow what was goin' on...just watched him kack his pants whilst journos asked awkward questions about some political scandal. Gutted you tit.

This was on national tv, so the whole of Oz could listen to this bell-end.

Got my press-pass for the rugby game tonight. Sydney vs Penrithe.

The kit lent to me for the night. Canon EOS 1D Mk III (£2,448.99) and proper ridiculously big 400mm (£4,998). Sh!ttin' myself about dropping it, was heavy as balls.

Down to the pitch for the start of the game. Cheerleaders mate.

What a cock.

My shots from the game. Photos of rugby are pretty sh!t, they mostly look like gay porn.

See what I mean about the gay thing?

Friday, 13 June 2008

The Australian: Day 3

Back at this place again.

Someone was doing something, somewhere to do with the Sydney Festival. New director of it me thinks. There were bare cameras but it was fairly obvious people didn't care.

Had a little wander about. The sinks blew my mind.

She said stuff.

Had to do ulti-cheese portraits.

Got my art on for a bit.

Then straight to the Sydney Cricket Ground...

More cameras, filming a speech that lasted 2 minutes at the most.

I demanded that Tubby here gave me those 2 minutes of my life back.

Back to the SCG again later on where there was a press conference for this nutcase, Barry Hall. He's the NRL's (that weird Aussie Rules thing) answer to David Beckham apparently...except if the two had a fight, this guy would rip his face off and sh!t down his neck. He'd been banned for a while 'cos during an Aussie Rules game he just punched some other bloke...knocked him out straight away. Gnarler.

Did more portrait stuff, shot quick 'cos he really didn't like it. Properly had the feeling he'd kick me in the face.