Saturday, 14 June 2008

The Australian: Day 4

Outside Sydney supreme court waiting for some news presenter woman. Didn't really understand what the whole lot was about, all I caught was she got preggers and fired from the network. Ex-fookin'-citing, no? No.

Me and Amos sat around for an hour an a half waitin' for this slaaaaag, but she never turned up.

About 3 hours later, went to a press conference thing where this bloke was gettin' utterly ruined by journos. He's the head of New South Wales or something. I didn't really follow what was goin' on...just watched him kack his pants whilst journos asked awkward questions about some political scandal. Gutted you tit.

This was on national tv, so the whole of Oz could listen to this bell-end.

Got my press-pass for the rugby game tonight. Sydney vs Penrithe.

The kit lent to me for the night. Canon EOS 1D Mk III (£2,448.99) and proper ridiculously big 400mm (£4,998). Sh!ttin' myself about dropping it, was heavy as balls.

Down to the pitch for the start of the game. Cheerleaders mate.

What a cock.

My shots from the game. Photos of rugby are pretty sh!t, they mostly look like gay porn.

See what I mean about the gay thing?

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