Wednesday, 11 June 2008

The Australian: Day 2

This soppy prick is Nick D'Arcy, from the Aussie Olympic swimming team. Well, he ain't that soppy 'cos he utterly beat seven shades of sh!t out of some bloke a little while back whilst pissed off his face. He was finding out today from the Australian Olympic Committee whether or not he'd be going to the olympics or not. So I was hangin' about outside some building bare time waiting for this fucktard.

There was mad loads of news cameras about. I was probably on tv, just wanderin' about in the background like a spare prick at an orgy.

These massive eyes made me paranoid...I threw up 6 times.

About 2 hours later that knob'ead came out again.

Small world. I bump into Barker of Living In False Ease the middle of Sydney. Tripooowwwwwwwt.

There was then some press conference thing to give the verdict on whether or not he'd still be on the team. Proper media mob. No joke, had at least 30 people ask me "who you waitin' for mate?" or "whas goin' on 'ere mate?" Got bored so just said police found a dead baby in Russel Crowe's car boot. A couple people bought it, most told me to fuck off. Nosey pricks.

This guy then came out and basically said "he isn't on the team."

Day over...straight to some ultimate stereotypical Irish pub called Scruffy McMurphy's or something like that. Toohey's New is the mutt's bollocks. Sod VB.

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