Sunday, 8 June 2008

VB ain't shit

So I'm in this country right now, 9 hours into the future from the 5 of you that read this sh!t. Working for 3 weeks at The Australian and Daily Telegraph.
21 hour flight was an utter killer. Stopped off for a ciggy break in Singapore after 11 hours of some c**t kicking my chair and my tv not working properly. Got on a different plane for the last bit of the journey, chair-kicking c**t was gone and my tv worked, stoked.
On the way to the house, the bloke I'm staying with told me loads of gnarly stories like how he found a mad poisonous snake in his BBQ and then chased it round the garage with an axe. Sick.

First day in the city, ultimate tourist.

Don't have any idea what the point is.

This knob was juggling a knife, a flaming torch and an apple whilst balancing on a BMX suspended on a 20ft pole. He then begged for money after so I gave him 50 cents.

These guys were playing this mad techno aborigine music...I gave them $5 'cos they were hella better than the other twat.

You can walk across the top of Harbour Bridge. It's gnarly as, the railing is tiny and you get harnessed to it 'cos death is a given. It's $150 to do it though.

Some Indiana Jones sh!t.

Getting arty with the opera house.

More photos to come unless a funnel web spider tries to bite my cock when I go for a sh!t.

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