Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Pointless update

Apologies for lack of updates for the last week n a bit...not that you care. So here's one:

Greco is a cunt.

The bearded blokes face says it all...

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Eh Flie Lice? Skatewokking in Chinatown.

Booface loads the skatesticks

Shane wasn't didn't last for long though

Melted my mind trying to work out how people actually build bridges.

This PK bloke's up everywhere.

Collapsed a lung trying to hold my breath through the Holland Tunnel.

Some 70-year-old man rockin' a string vest and green AF1's havin' a rustle through some boxes.

Dan Cates spot = Chinatown banks. Had a good tit around though.

Found this in a park and had a wee sesh. There was a bunch of other crap around in there was like skating in Mario Land.

Some fire engine was blocking the one way street off trying to put out a pile of flaming noodles so we skated the metal curbs for a while.

God dropped his PSP in Soho.

Had to pish in the most cracked out toilet ever.

After-skate entertainment.

Traditional cheesey moving light photo.


Asbury Park is ghettz.

On a related tip, got a new deck from local NJ board company Metal.
Not exactly a skate team, more like a group of people that skate, drink and smash sh!t up. It's probably raining right now so watch Decade Of Destruction then realise Fred Gall is the dog's bollocks and throw a tv off your garage.

Monday, 17 March 2008

St Paddy's Day

Paddys day!

Step one;First thing first merch yourself up in guinness attire.

Step two; Pick up any celebrational giftage from parents. If you get a guinness glass add it to the collection.

Step three; Go to pub and forget camera

Step four;Alchohol makes u hungry, guinness makes you full. Alchohol always wins so perchase fast food.

Step Five;Wind down to a weak childlike cartoon such as spongebob as thats all your mind can handle.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

"Excuse me, I could be on the street sellin' crack"

Koop says "Hold Tight London is raw as botulism."

Shaun Witherup owns the shniz out of Shell Centre and Dave noseblunts. If you havn't been watching the HTL series then you better start sharpish.

More Skateboarding Videos >>

Friday, 7 March 2008

"That Irish guy with the lambchops is shredding"

Had a warm-up at the Banks...the truth is, this place is actually pretty sh!t. The red-brick floor it utter cock and it reeks of pish.
I squeezed out a varial heel.

Me and Chris ollied into the banks for a bit. Steep as arse...Stevie's switch tre into there is fairly f**king incredible.

Got bored of avoiding bmx's so titted around on the wallride.

These were slapped on walls all over place

Stopped off at Supreme. Turned out it was the opening for the spring/summer season and kids were lined up round the block for it and tees with Kermit on
Left my camera in the car so didn't have a photo but I found this one

But Chris has mad hook ups so we just walked straight in past the other suckers who'd lined up since the wee hours.

We then trotted along to some skatepark type thing at 12th and A. It's a school that has let skateboarders use the playground for boxes, quarters, etc.
Ian Reid was rolling around being a general legend as well as about 50 other people.
Managed to leave my camera in the car, half accidentally and half since I didn't want some American pikey equivalent gettin his fried chicken covered fingers on it. So settle for a video from Billy Rohan's blog.

Home for a blizzunt after a proper knackerin' day.

Monday, 3 March 2008

"You know the way to Rad Tech?"

I felt my skating was lacking in both 'rad' and 'tech' so I went to this building at college and they sorted it right out.

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Rotten Apple Randoms


Stencil madness.

The graff here is mad ghettz.

We love American Apparel's ad campaign.

Ultimate taggage.

Free shoes.


It ain't New York without a Starbucks every ten feet.

Bangin' food, weird names.

No idea what the hell this is...though the bloke did say "hold my whale whilst I have a smoke."