Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Eh Flie Lice? Skatewokking in Chinatown.

Booface loads the skatesticks

Shane wasn't high...it didn't last for long though

Melted my mind trying to work out how people actually build bridges.

This PK bloke's up everywhere.

Collapsed a lung trying to hold my breath through the Holland Tunnel.

Some 70-year-old man rockin' a string vest and green AF1's havin' a rustle through some boxes.

Dan Cates spot = Chinatown banks. Had a good tit around though.

Found this in a park and had a wee sesh. There was a bunch of other crap around in there too...it was like skating in Mario Land.

Some fire engine was blocking the one way street off trying to put out a pile of flaming noodles so we skated the metal curbs for a while.

God dropped his PSP in Soho.

Had to pish in the most cracked out toilet ever.

After-skate entertainment.

Traditional cheesey moving light photo.

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