Friday, 7 March 2008

"That Irish guy with the lambchops is shredding"

Had a warm-up at the Banks...the truth is, this place is actually pretty sh!t. The red-brick floor it utter cock and it reeks of pish.
I squeezed out a varial heel.

Me and Chris ollied into the banks for a bit. Steep as arse...Stevie's switch tre into there is fairly f**king incredible.

Got bored of avoiding bmx's so titted around on the wallride.

These were slapped on walls all over place

Stopped off at Supreme. Turned out it was the opening for the spring/summer season and kids were lined up round the block for it and tees with Kermit on
Left my camera in the car so didn't have a photo but I found this one

But Chris has mad hook ups so we just walked straight in past the other suckers who'd lined up since the wee hours.

We then trotted along to some skatepark type thing at 12th and A. It's a school that has let skateboarders use the playground for boxes, quarters, etc.
Ian Reid was rolling around being a general legend as well as about 50 other people.
Managed to leave my camera in the car, half accidentally and half since I didn't want some American pikey equivalent gettin his fried chicken covered fingers on it. So settle for a video from Billy Rohan's blog.

Home for a blizzunt after a proper knackerin' day.

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