Monday, 9 June 2008

Too busy not givin' a f**k.

One thing everyone knows about Oz is the animals they got are f**kin' weird. So I went to some koala park down the road from my house...koalas are gnar and there was nowt else to do on the 6th day in a row it rained for the 6 days I've been here. It ain't all sun you know.

These gay tie-dye birds were outside my window this morning.

Despite dressing like fags, they were gangsta as. Any other bird that tried to front on their sh!t they merked up.

At the koala place, the koalas were straight chillin'. They can do what the f**k they want at that place, just walk around like the rest of us non-koala folk. But they don't 'cos they're too busy not givin' a f**k.

This one just slept while 1000 Japanese tourists took 50,000 photos and poked it...probably thought it was a pokemon.

Kangaroos are pretty safe too.

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