Monday, 11 February 2008

matts weekend

ermm, after work (see pic of pauls head) i drove down to robos, after parking illegally i went up to his house and we started drinking... little did i know the first drinks were going to be absenthe 85% of pure radness.
it made your face go read and your ears pop!
we hit the pub next, whilst i was talking to frank stephens about the company he wants to start robo pissed us off hitting himself in the head with a fucking tray. we then headed to liquid and the seshen went down, we got started on by 1 too many black people and left.
saturday, i woke up hungover next to robo... not a good start, but then watched a sick tony t part and got stoked at the park. after the day long session this pedo came to the park and took bare pictures of little kids from felixstowe, we were pissed!
the sky was well fiiiiit
there shud be a video of a real wasted guy trying to drop in here, but instead u see me and paul and jenny at 'work'.i took a dead gay photo of robo

i then went home to my lovely girlfriend. i gave ben a lift to munsons and he was so pleased to see i had pirate mickey mouse ears in my car! he was then really pissed when he saw blackwells moped outside munsons.
anyway, peace homies, hope you liked this mind boggingly boring injection of ipswich life

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