Saturday, 8 November 2008

After several months of neglect, like an unwanted bastard child, the four lucky people that look at this sh!t get two updates in a week. I'm at uni and Ben's takin' photos of sh!t in club toilets. Matt's got his own blog going on too, check out his womanising hi-jinx on that.

The cell. Bottom floor window means plenty Life of Brian morning nudity moments.


Ebay is the mutts nuts.

Another ebay purchase.

Floor outside my window covered in joint butts

Forts are bitchin'. Got a proper workin' front door as well. Hot boxes a treat.

Yeah, you're jealous.

Bare graff.

A window by the stairs, perfect to trip down wasted of your ever-loving tits and smash through.

The last people in this house had a game called "secret penis."

Having an upstairs kitchen is bullsh!t.

F**k that Lawrence Lewlwlwllyn Bowen prick, my room decorating skills are killer.

Five minute walk to classes.

Actually lookin' mad tidy.

Munch stocks. Peep the PG monkey.

The essentials.

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