Thursday, 24 July 2008

Crails, dolphins and melted eclairs.

Robo, Gorm and myself took full advantage of this 2 week summer and buggered off to Crawley for the day.

Gorm's 'excited' face.

Hardcore petrol station snacking went on.

That bridge.

The thought of the bowl at Crawley made Gorm a bit frisky and he kept giving me The Eye.

No idea how to caption this but the bus was called Baker's Dolphin (???) and driven by some mad gurning old man with 2 teeth.

We got there...

...and the park was sick.

Robo got down to business on a foot high quarter.

Gorm shot this one.

Other activity went on but I failed to bother to photo it. SO settle for Robo's tit session.

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