Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Third Week in Oz

These three geeks stopped wanking off to Warcraft long enough to create a Facebook group for the Sydney version of the famous NYC Grand Central Freeze. Basically, a couple thousand people would mill around somewhere and then all freeze dead-still on cue, thoroughly trippin' other pedestrians out to f**k.

I bet if Kanye started to wear a jockstrap filled with jelly babies and hang dead baby mice from his ears, this prick would also do it. Cock.

It was the biggest congregation of Indie kids I'd ever seen.

The ginge tried to be all funny with his megaphone...he ain't got sh!t on Pikey.

I got bored so wandered around for a bit...two old men were playing giant chess 'cos their eyesight was too fucked to play normal chess.

One of the places the freeze thing was at was that skate spot, Martin Place.

This photo don't do it justice, but this bloke possibly had the world's most epic comb-over.

Later, a few girls were wearing pink for breast cancer awareness. The photographer I went with was gettin' his mack on but they weren't havin' it...access denied.

This guy is the minister for transport and apparently he made a total balls up. He just stood there for 15 minutes makin' the same answers and lookin' like a total bellpiece in general. Remind me never to be a politician.

Wen to the Blue Mountains too...was pretty gnarly.

Last job was another rugby game. Spent it running up and down the sidelines like a mug and ruining my knees for a couple days. Still fun though.

Cheerleaders mate.

These guys were so happy, they did proper slow-motion cheering.

And that's it. Had a quality time in Oz, thanks to everyone at The Empire. You're all safe as.

Sam Mooy is a legend.

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